Alfred Nobel – world’s most prestigious honor

Alfred Nobel – world’s most prestigious honor

If there is life, there is also a test One exam is over, then the other starts. In this heartless world, exams do not leave the chase even after death. Well, the man goes on such that he does not come back to see if the world has passed him in the last examination or failed? But a strange incident happened here. The man was alive and his death had headlines in the newspaper. The man was reading the news of his own death. The news was titled, “Death to the merchant of death.” The news was written as if the world was waiting for his death and everyone felt relief from his death. The man felt that the world had taken his last test, in which he had been failed and he was not feeling any kind of condolences.

The man was none other than Alfred Nobel, whose wealth and name is today given the world’s most prestigious honor. Actually, the news that appeared on April 13, 1888 was false. The death was not of Alfred Nobel, but of his elder brother Ladwig Nobel. The most successful of the Nobel exiles, Ladwig was one of the few wealthy in the world, but Alfred was so angry that news of his death was published. That moment shook Alfred, does the world think of him so poorly? Alfred lived alone for a lifetime. All his life was spent on scientific passion and business. There was wealth in the Arab-trillion, but the squeeze of the accumulated life is ‘death of the merchant of death.’

There was sorrow for the death of elder brother in those moments, but the death of younger brother Emil also started growing in thoughts. Emile was the first member in the Nobel family to go to college. Elder brothers used to help Alfred in experiments. In those days, the struggle to make powerful and capable explosives with nitroglycerin was going on. This discovery was commanded by Alfred. Such liquid explosives were being made complete, which should be easier to move from one place to another. What was missing that day, there was a terrible explosion in the laboratory. It was that day, September 3, 1864, in which the younger brother was martyred along with four accomplices. It was just a coincidence that Alfred was no longer there. Even then the newspapers raided a lot against this discovery, but Alfred had no effect. After losing his youngest son, the father was so upset that he only backed away from this discovery, but Alfred was as obsessed in those days. He went ahead forgetting the accident and after nearly three years of hard work managed to devise a complete explosive dynamite.

Alfred was so involved in making explosives and weapons that he continued to tune. Never thought back about what the world thinks of them. Dynamite and other explosives were used to break the mines and stones, their explosives started becoming the stuff of death of people even in the rust. Above all, Alfred was very proud of his inventions. The way of thinking was different. He easily offended others. Those who spoke the truth were once irritated that they said, a true man is usually a liar. Asha was considered a veil to hide the nakedness of truth.

Nobody cared for Alfred to move forward. Reading the news of his death that day, a ruthless-pessimistic man was confronted for the first time with the fact that the world hates him. Whenever someone in the world is killed by his explosives, people curse him. Explosives have changed the war. Now the victory of deception, not of valor in war, has started. The first dynamite that had been laid won. That French newspaper also wrote that day without concession, ‘This is the same man who has become richer by finding ways to kill more people faster than before.’

Alfred’s life did not change that day, but his thinking structure broke. He engaged in image-correction efforts, so that the world would remember him in good form, and finally a year before his death, he decided to give Nobel honors to the world’s best people beyond the borders of countries. 118 years have passed since his wealth earned him Nobel honors. Nobody in the civilized world now says that Alfred Nobel was a merchant of death


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