Biju Patnaik  – Veer flew on the call of the nation

Biju Patnaik – Veer flew on the call of the nation

The clouds were getting soaked after the high heat and Hindustan was going to be free next month. The reins of the country came into the hands of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. That day, he was disturbed in his Delhi office. Someone was eagerly waiting. Then a tall tall Odia jawan entered his room. After the greeting, Nehru said, “You have a very important job, you can do it.” We have to go to Indonesia soon, from there to bring their Prime Minister to Delhi. ‘

Here, Pandit Nehru started to explain the request in the same sense and on the other hand, the young man’s mind got involved in making further strategy. One thing was very clear in the mind, Nehru called, meaning the country’s soil called. Then the time has come, something has to be done for the country. A map of Indonesia was drawn in the sharp mind of that 32-year-old soldier. Where is Jakarta, where is Yojnakarta and where is the airport? Where do you have to land? Which aircraft would be right for the campaign?
After explaining for a long time, Nehru asked, “Speak, ready to go?”

The soldier immediately said, “I will go.” You thought me worthy of this task, that’s the big thing. ”On the go, Nehru also made it clear that we do not have much means to help you, we can only give you information. Whatever you want to do, you have to do at your level. Then the young man almost stopped Nehru and said, “You have told the work, now how it will happen, leave it to me.” I will try my best not to disappoint you and the country. ‘

Descending the stairs of the Prime Minister’s Office, his mind was undergoing a review of about 18 aircraft of his own Kalinga Airlines and their merits and demerits. Lahori-Punjabi wife Gyan Patnaik came to know that her husband is going on a dangerous mission, so she was adamant that her government of India sent information to the President of Indonesia, Sukarno, that she was free. India is sending its representative Biju Patnaik with an aircraft, prepare and get in touch.

A few hours later, Biju Babu flew his Dakota plane and started to rip the monsoon clouds. On the other hand, the Dutch military was guarded at all ports and airports in Indonesia. Sukarno’s nationalist government was hidden in ousted-si Yojnakarta, cut off from the world, helpless. Biju Babu was flying the aircraft at very high altitude, so that the enemy would not even get a clue. While searching, we reached the area where the plane was to land. He came down a little and kept checking. An empty road was seen below, where the danger of landing an eight-seat Dakota aircraft could be raised.

It was also thought for two moments in the heart that if it failed, everything was over, but the question was of the country. The wife sitting next to him held hands. Then there were some gestures from the ground as well and the pilot pressed the trigger to take off the plane. The aircraft started running on that road in a few moments. Landing was done. In that plane, two people were dressed in pilot’s clothes. One told that I am the Prime Minister of Indonesia, Sultan Sajahir, while the other said, I am Vice-President Mohammad Hatta. Dutch spies believed that an aircraft landed, in which two pilots boarded and flew.

On the second day the whole world came to know that a courageous pilot named Biju Patnaik (1916–1997) went to Indonesia and brought the two fighters out of the grip of Dutch rule, so that they could hear the voice of their country to the world. The Dutch plot to recapture Indonesia failed. When Biju Babu went to leave the two leaders back, Indonesia was thankful. He was gifted Indonesian citizenship, and received the highest civilian honor there. It was such a bright moment in the life of Biju Babu, the Chief Minister who laid the foundation of development in Odisha, which even though few people remember in India, Indonesia cannot forget.

It was a moment that Pandit Nehru remembered him even when Jammu and Kashmir was attacked by Pakistan and there was a danger of landing Indian troops at Srinagar airport. It was wonderful of that moment that Biju Babu was called by the Prime Ministers of the country in the battles of 1962, 1965, 1971 also. He used to say the same thing every time, you considered it worthy of serving the country, now how will the work be done, leave it to me.


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