Vision Health Benefits Of Watercress

Watercress has many health benefits. Watercress is not considered a delicious vegetable. Even in this case, you can take several measures to make this vegetable appealing to your taste buds. You can add this vegetable to your favorite sandwich. You can also add Parmesan cheese to your favorite meal, including watercress. The health benefits of … Read more

Trout To Improve Your Vision Health

Trout is a type of seafood and a good source of protein. Because it comes from the clean waters of Alaska’s oceans and lakes, it has a low mercury content. This food is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. It has a lower content of omega-6 fatty acids. Both forms of omega-3 are very important and … Read more

5 Foods That Improve Your Eyesight

Some of the most common vision problems that people face are refractive errors. Refractive errors can cause blurred vision of distant or nearby objects. These two conditions are called hyperopia and myopia, respectively. Refractive errors are common in the Pakistani population. According to a local study, 35.7% of people in the country suffer from myopia, … Read more

Should You Wear Blue Light Glasses?

Do you spend hours behind the computer screen? If so, you may be looking for a way to protect your eyes from blue light. In this article, we will understand whether Blu-ray glasses are your best choice. Read more. 1. You spend hours staring at your computer or mobile phone screen If you spend a … Read more

5 Benefits of Half Rim Glasses

Some people don’t wear prescription glasses simply because they feel uncomfortable. Usually this happens because the frame is heavy and not suitable for people with sensitivity issues. If you encounter the same problem, it is recommended that you use half-rim glasses or half-rim glasses. In this article, we will introduce some of the most common … Read more

During And After Lasik Laser Treatment For Eyes

If you have a refractive error and want to eliminate it, then laser eye surgery is perfect for you! Laser treatment eliminates the need for glasses or contact lenses throughout your life. An imperfect cornea or eyeball shape can cause refractive errors. The cornea is the transparent, transparent front part of the eye, responsible for … Read more

Coconut Water and Your Eyesight

When you think of coconuts, you think of a tropical island scene with coconut trees in the background. Coconut is not only related to the image of tropical islands, but also good for you, it is composed of multiple vitamins and minerals that can protect your overall health. It can also protect the human body … Read more

Eye Care Tips For Good Eye Site

As people age, most people’s vision will decrease. For some people this means that they cannot see far away; for some people this means that it becomes more difficult to read things up close (such as menus). However this problem manifests itself, it is always frustrating. Fortunately, by following some eye care techniques, you can … Read more