Dalbir Singh Suhag – Soldier’s son became army chief

Dalbir Singh Suhag – Soldier’s son became army chief

It is a matter of pride for me to be the head of the great and brave army of the world. The Indian Army is very brave and powerful. As Army Chief, I will try my best to take the Army to new heights. Indian soldiers are very brave, I will pay special attention to their welfare and training. ‘

Since childhood, the boy loved the boon of a soldier. His father was an army foot soldier. Whenever he used to come to his house on holidays, he used to tell the child all the tales of valor and valor of the soldiers. He himself was an ordinary soldier, but he had a desire in his mind to become an officer of the army. After passing class four, the father sent him to Sainik School. Sainik school away from the village, he used to have a lot of food for his mother. Mother knew very well the choice of son. So whenever she got a chance, she would send pure desi ghee, churma and laddu to her. Her performance in school was excellent. The father was convinced that the son would definitely fulfill his dream. When he joined the National Defense Academy in 1970, the father felt that the dream was just fulfilled. But what did he know that one day his son would become the greatest officer of the Indian Army, such a big officer, who would be responsible for the security of the entire country, so big that more than thirteen lakh soldiers would salute him. This brave son, born in a small village in Haryana, is named General Dalbir Singh Suhag. Suhag is the new army chief of the country.

Dalbir Singh was born in Bisan village of Jhajjar district of Haryana. Bison Village – A village where almost every family has a son in the army. According to the village tradition, the men of the house worked outside and the women took care of the house. Dalbir’s father Ramphal Suhag was an ordinary soldier in the army. He used to come home on holidays only a few days a year. Therefore, the responsibility of the children was on the mother. When the father returned home, the children insisted on telling stories from the border. However, it was not in Dalbir’s nature to insist. In the absence of the father, he lived as the mother’s beloved and obedient son. Never ask for anything special. Mother Ishri Suhag says, ‘He was very obedient since childhood, I used to say, whatever food I cooked, he would eat quietly, without any request.’

Like the rest of the children of the village, Dalbir was also admitted to the nearby primary school. From class one to four, he studied in this primary school. Father Ramphal wanted the son to go into the army from the beginning. So to motivate him, he used to narrate all the stories of the army and how the soldiers risk their lives and protect the borders of the country. He would also explain to him how much respect the soldiers have in the minds of the countrymen. Ramphal himself was an ordinary soldier, but he had seen the status of army officers. I wished that his son also became an officer of the army. He decided that he would send the son to Sainik School. Dalbir passed class four. After this, the father got him admitted in Sainik School in Chittorgarh, Rajasthan. Dalbir was moving away from his mother for the first time. It felt very bad in the beginning. While eating Sainik School food, I would often miss the mother’s food. The mother also missed him, but she knew that the son had gone away from him for a big cause. The mother recalls those days, saying, ‘She loved milk and churma since childhood. I was very worried about his health. Whenever I got a chance, I used to send pure desi ghee to him. ‘

Dalbir Singh’s life was changed after attending Sainik School. Special attention was given to fitness along with discipline. His performance from studies to sports was quite good. He was busy in fulfilling his father’s dream wholeheartedly. This is the 1970s. He was selected at the National Defense Academy. He gave the first information about this to his father. On hearing this, the father felt that his dream was fulfilled. After joining the NDA, Dalbir rapidly reached a large position one after the other. Four years later, in June 1974, he joined the Gorkha Rifles. During this time, Dalbir Singh took full care of his food and fitness. Running ten kilometers daily is included in his routine. Meanwhile, he was married to Delhi University student Namita.

The biggest challenge in his career came in 1987. He joined Operation Pawan of the Indian Peace Keeping Force in Sri Lanka. This campaign was quite important. The target was to liberate the Jaffna area of ​​Sri Lanka from the LTTE occupation in front of the Indian Army. The Indian Army achieved this target in just three weeks. After this Dalbir was given another important responsibility. It is about July 2003. He was given command of the anti-terrorism force in Kashmir. He performed this responsibility well. In 2007, he was given command of the Mountain Division in Kargil. This was a big responsibility. Here too, Dalbir showed his skill and bravery.

Five years later, in 2012, he was made Commander of the Eastern Command. He became the Deputy Chief of the Army in December last year. Father Ramphal was very happy with the son’s progress, after all the son was living up to his expectations. But he did not even imagine that Dalbir would one day occupy the biggest position of the army. The progression of Dalbir Singh did not stop. He continued to get promotions one after the other. On 31 July 2014, he took over as the Army Chief of the country. Chief of Army, the greatest officer of the Indian Army. Father Ramphal says, “Earlier I used to salute the big officers, today my son has reached the highest rank of the army. I am very happy I also know that he will serve our country with full dedication. ‘


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