Emil Zátopek – He pleaded, i won’t be able to run

Emil Zátopek – He pleaded, i won’t be able to run

There is no match to a life of comfort. There is a lot of joy, when one way of life is fixed, no risk, every day from factory to factory and factory to house. Same work, same people, same life. Everything is on schedule at will, what else is needed? It was the same with that 18-year-old youth. He was very happy, but there was something else in luck. His happiness was not acceptable to nature. One day the factory game was roaring in the open yard of the coach factory. Was choosing to send the boys working in the factory to a competition. After watching all the boys, the Karka coach chose four boys. Three were happy, but the fourth was pleading, ‘Sir, I will not be able to run. Please forgive me, sir. I will not.

The coach reprimanded, ‘Why won’t you?’
The youth tried to softly melt his pulse, ‘Sir, I never run. I do not remember when I ran last time, take someone else in my place. If I can’t run, then the company name will be bad. ‘
The coach said something serious, ‘but I think, you can run.’

Satisfied with his life, the youth was wondering how to avoid running. Why get the trouble, what is the need to run? Running time and body both have to be spoiled. The coach said, ‘I have chosen you. It is a matter of honor. Now come on, run, you can run and you have to run. ‘

The youth then made excuses, ‘Sir, I cannot run, because I am not fit to run. Leave me sir, you will get more boys. ‘
The coach explained, “What happened to you? You are looking well You have the body of a runner. ‘To avoid new hard work and innovation, the youth again pleaded,’ Please, forgive me sir, I am unfit. ‘

But the coach was also a man of his own, he felt how he made the wrong choice. He immediately said, ‘Do this, you go to the doctor now, if he says that you are unfit, I will listen to you.’

Young was forced. The doctor examines him and tells him that he is fit to run. Her exercise being done to save the stability and ease of life has piled up there. No new excuse was found in front of the coach. Had to run for a heavy heart. It felt as if he was carrying not only himself, but also the insistence and decree of another. If there is still an excuse, then stop running and go to the shore. Well, the coach ran and told him that if he turned back, he would go backward.

The one who sees ahead comes first. So as soon as the running started, but as the knuckle opened, the heaviness started to decrease. Stand somewhere and when the wind blows, then only the wind talks, but if you run, then even the cool breeze starts talking. Veins build strength and increase emotion. There is a sequence of strength and breath in the body, when running starts, this sequence automatically becomes comfortable.

When the real race started, that young man, Emil Jatopek, realized – Wow, it is wonderful to run! I was born to run. What was I doing so far, protecting myself from running until I was 18? In that competition Jatopek came second among a total of 100 runners. It was a surprise to him himself, beating out so many boys without experience, was beyond even a dream a few days ago. The stubbornness of that coach and that first race changed Jatopek’s life forever. Just four years later, he started representing his country Czechoslovakia in the long haul.

Before the 1952 Olympics, the doctor said that you are not fit, do not participate in the Olympics, but the passion to run was such that Emil Jatopek (1922–2000) did not agree. In that Olympics, he had won gold in the 5,000 and 10,000 meter races. The marathon race was going to start, someone suggested that while sitting, also run in it. Marathon was not his sport, but Jatopek ran and managed to break the old record and get gold. That special record of three gold is not broken even today. He is an interesting inspiration today. The man who never wanted to run, ran so that he got 18 records in his name.


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