How Yoga Benefits Children With Special Needs

Do yoga with the kids. Children want to move, explore their world and interact with each other physically and mentally to understand themselves and their environment. Yoga provides an excellent opportunity.

With the popularity of yoga and medical praise, individuals and groups with special needs have practiced yoga and achieved positive results. Yoga has been proven effective for the following children:

-Cerebral palsy
-Down syndrome and other needs.

While yoga is not “magical” therapy, it can promote physical exercise, improve self-esteem, reduce symptoms, promote positive social interaction, teach stress management, develop muscle tone and flexibility, and many other benefits.


Yoga postures or asanas are especially beneficial for improving weaknesses and strengthening strengths. Using pictures of animals or small stuffed animals used in conjunction with pose names can help children focus and use different learning skills. The posture can also be easily adapted to physical limitations and specific requirements.

To breathe

Teaching kids yoga breathing is one of the greatest benefits of yoga. Yoga breathing can increase lung function and capacity. At the same time, it also provides a calming tool that can be used anytime, anywhere, allowing children to independently provide for their emotional and physical needs.


The relaxation techniques taught by yoga show children how to relax and concentrate. Using visualization and affirmation can help children develop their inner strengths. Progressive muscle relaxation trains the brain and strengthens the body’s connection and awareness. In addition, relaxation releases oxytocin (a hormone that feels good) and induces a sense of calm and acceptance.

Finding a yoga instructor for kids with special needs knowledge is challenging. The best place to go might be your local yoga club as they have a list of certified trainers near you. In addition, you can go to a well-known yoga studio for information about courses for children or special needs. The yoga community is built on a shared foundation, so even if they can’t meet your needs or answer your questions, they can know others who can.

When you integrate yoga into the lives of children with special needs, you will experience tremendous benefits. These can manifest themselves physically, emotionally or spiritually. Usually after just one lesson, children learn more about their body and emotions. With regular exercise, these positive connections will be strengthened, improving health, improving coping skills, and increasing optimism.

Yoga should be used in conjunction with the advice of a certified physician. Continue to take all prescription medications and follow other recommended health procedures.


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