Kader Khan – who always made everyone laugh was very broken inside

Kader Khan – who always made everyone laugh was very broken inside

This actor, who made everyone laugh on screen, has suffered a lot in his life. They saw a lot of ups and downs in life… parents separated from each other because of Muflissi. At the behest of his maternal grandfather, his mother also got married for the second time, but the difficulties of life remained on his stubbornness and Kader Khan’s tension with the stepfather started.

Kader Khan’s mother used to work hard and drive home, which would have shattered her heart. Seeing his mother like this, he also thought that he would leave studies and work somewhere with other children so that the house could be properly maintained. When somehow the mother came to know about this, she explained to the son that he should not do so, because the house could not survive.

Kader Khan who always made everyone laugh was very broken inside

… and then she was the mother who asked him to leave work and concentrate on studies and after this Kader Khan never thought of anything other than studies. Now his world had become books only. He reached college while studying and due to his interest in art, he started directing drama. At the same time, studies continued and he also got a diploma in civil engineering.

Between 1970 and 75, he used to teach at M.H. Sabbo Siddique College of Engineering, Byculla. Along with this, work in plays also continued. Finally the time has come to reverse the fortunes.

He did such a drama ‘Local Train’ on stage and Dilip Kumar expressed his desire to see this drama. Kader Khan had told that this drama received all the awards and with this he also got 1500 rupees cash. Just here, time turned around and Dilip Kumar chose them for his films. Also started writing dialogues for ‘Jawani Deewani’ with acting in ‘Sagina Mahato’ and ‘Bairag’.

From Amitabh to the big actors of many films, these dialogues came on the screen after speaking their dialogues. From ‘Amar Akbar Anthony’ to ‘Muqaddar ka Sikandar’, there was a lot of applause on his dialogue.

Kader Khan also played Villan in some films, but then something happened that he decided not to do this role. In fact, once the boys of the locality teased Kader Khan’s son saying that your father is a villain, after which he had a lot of fighting and says that in this fight, his son’s head started bleeding. When Kader Khan came to know about this, he decided that now he will never play Villan on screen.

Kader Khan’s chemistry with Govinda was amazing and a hit. It is said that despite being ill in recent times, Kader Khan remained attached to the theater and kept teaching new artists. Today she may not be among us, but the world will always remember her. Kader Khan is known as the all-rounder of Bollywood. Whether it is about acting or writing or direction… this actor was the topper in everything.


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