The Great khali – Win and lose keeps going on

The Great khali – Win and lose keeps going on

In childhood, he looked much older than the children of his age. The body was large, so the dose was also high. It was very difficult for the family of June 2 bread-breakers to arrange a thick dose of baby for the family. After all, there were seven children in the family and the parents could not leave the other children hungry to feed a child. Anger increased over time. When he grew up a little, the family hired him too, so that he could arrange his own food. He too started breaking stones like a parent. One day he was breaking stones on the roadside that a big police officer passing by in front of him caught sight of him. They offered him a job in the Punjab Police, so he agreed. Soon he became a favorite of the Police Department due to his hard work and honesty. Then he took wrestling training. His performance in wrestling was very good. He went to America for advanced training. Everyone became mad there. In the year 2007, he surprised everyone by winning the World Heavyweight Championship. The name of this wrestler who has made millions of people crazy around the world is Dilip Singh Rana aka The Great Khali.

Khali was born in an ordinary family in Himachal Pradesh. His family lived in a small village named Seemaur. His father Jwala Ram and mother Tandi Devi used to work hard to feed. Khali had seven siblings. In such a situation, the maintenance of the house was very difficult. It was very difficult for poor parents to raise such a large family. Far from teaching seven children, it was a big challenge to feed them. Initially, Khali was like the rest of the children, but after the age of four-five years, he started growing rapidly. As the body grew, the dosage started increasing. He used to eat two to three children alone. Khali could not understand these things in childhood, but as he grew older, he began to feel very uncomfortable among his children of his age. This was due to his height and weight in terms of age. Often the people of the neighborhood tighten their length, the children would laugh at them, but Khali was always silent.

The dose of cake was increasing with age. It was difficult for the family to arrange for their food. So the father advised him to work. Khali got the job of carrying the goods easily. He kept the goods in the warehouse for the whole day in the warehouse and returned home happily on receiving the money in the evening. In this way, his daily salary filled his stomach. But this work did not last long. He then got a job as a janitor at a dhaba in Shimla. Here his job was to sit outside the dhaba and monitor it all day. He was very happy that now he would not have to carry goods. But this happiness did not last long. He became a wonder to everyone due to his heavy body. People passing by the dhaba would stare at them and children would laugh. Khali would have been very sad, but never angry at anyone. He was very calm by nature. He did not even have the habit of talking to anyone more. Many times, the audience felt strange why Khali’s face does not get any sense. But it was always like this.

Khali’s mind got bored of that dhaba after a few days. Now he did not want to be a wonder among the people. He quit the job of dhaba and started cutting stones. Family members also cut stones, so Khali did not face any problem in this work. He started doing this with great care. He would leave the house every morning, cut stones for the whole day and eat food when he got money in the evening.

One day he was cutting stones on the roadside, when a senior officer of Punjab Police passed by. His eye was on the cake. In front of him Khali easily picked up a very heavy stone and placed it in another place. The officer felt strange. He got down from his car and went to Khali. After talking to Dilip Singh Rana aka Khali, he became convinced that this person is hardworking and honest. He asked Khali if he would like a job in the police? Khali’s happiness did not remain as soon as he heard this. For a moment Khali did not believe that he could get a job in the police. Khali says that ‘childhood days were very difficult and cramped. I have achieved this position with great hard work and honesty. If a person is determined, then he can do anything. I can never forget the people who helped me during those painful days. ‘

Khali was admitted to the police. Khali’s life changed completely as soon as he came to the police department. All the officials were happy with his work. He got a chance to learn wrestling while working here. His performance was excellent. For this, Khali practiced for 18 hours daily. Now he had come to know the importance of the game. During this time he came to know about the famous wrestlers from abroad. Khali decided that he would go to America to take wrestling training. The police department helped him. He took wrestling training from Al Pro Wrestling Boot Camp, California. In October 2000, Khali first participated in a wrestling competition in the US. Gradually he started becoming popular there. Khali’s style was well-liked among American wrestlers.

In January 2006 Khali was signed by the World Wrestling Entertainment, ie WWE. Khali is the first Indian wrestler to join WWE. Not only this, Dilip Singh Rana aka The Great Khali brought glory to the country by winning the World Heavyweight Championship in 2007.


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