Konstantin Stanislavski- acting guru

Konstantin Stanislavski- acting guru

That child was very fondly prepared. Not only was it first landed on the stage, but it was also given a place so that there was no need to jump. There was not much scope for acting. The stage was covered with cotton. There was some evergreen greenery in the middle, cotton was also spread on it, so that the falling snow could be realized. The child was seated on the ground, covered with a coat of fur and wearing a fur cap on his head. A long beard was also tied on his face. Actually, she had to play the role of Winter.

In between, the heart was moving, but his eyes were not told where to look and what to do. Sitting on the stage, in between, it seemed to be untimely, meaningless and also ashamed. There was no dialogue to speak of. A candle was also lit in front of the stage and placed between some small branches to produce the effect of fire. The child was given a small piece of wood, which had to be pretended to be kept in the fire while sitting. It was very much explained that the wood is not to be set on fire, yet what is the challenge of child accessible agility? The child touched the wood with fire and the flames burst. Winter decoration on the stage was lit up. Somehow that child was taken off the stage. In the blink of an eye, all the tableau was lost. There was only ashes left in the stage and scolding the child. The child who was prepared for the stage praising him with much love, started to get rebuked from all sides. What did you do, how much was explained to you, but you spoiled the whole celebration. We would have guessed that if you would have done this, you would not have taken me on stage.

You have not done a small job It was just a tableau, when you get drama, how will you do it? As he thought, he went and scolded. All was going well, just one mistake happened and everything was destroyed. Was deeply affected. The condition of the child, who was hurt by the fire on the stage, remained slim for several days. That mind kept cursing itself as to how the opportunity had gone. Now who will play the role? How nice the compliment was, but the rebuke was many times worse. This was the turning point of childhood, when somewhere deep in the heart started thinking about where the mistake was made, how the mistake could be avoided and it was here that the incarnation of Constantine Stanislavsky, the best modern acting guru in the world began. In later days, Stanislavski simmering by remembering that incident of arson.

He often used to say, “The first time I felt on the stage like unmistakable, meaningless and shyness, he is still present in me and scares me when I am on stage.” He was not allowed to become a serious or professional actor until he was 32. He did more than one role, but there was always a sense of skepticism. He avoided theatricality in acting, his emphasis was on naturalism. Perhaps theatricality was the cause of that childhood arson. He favored acting in which one does not realize to act. The actor did not feel that he was acting. He had no sage in color-thinking, acting philosophy and code of conduct. He is said to have left the stage only after performing his role despite symptoms of a heart attack. Today, his special acting technique is greeted by the entire acting world for method acting.

Born on January 17, Stanislavsky (1863–1938) was so impressed by the arson that he began to analyze everything. His focus was on removing his faults. He used to enjoy every criticism. It was a habit to record his shortcomings in his childhood. Together, there would always be a notebook that recorded key parts of the analysis. It is from these notebooks that the world got the best books on acting (an actor prepares, creating a role, building a character), which are compulsorily taught in all the acting or theatrical schools of the world. When he departed from the world, Sirhain left a notebook.


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