Linus Pauling – winner of two Nobel Prizes

Linus Pauling – winner of two Nobel Prizes

The friend said, “Come see, do an experiment.”
It will be fun. ”Kishore replied,“ Skip, I do not enjoy chemistry, mix one thing in another, sometimes dry, sometimes make a batter and then throw it away. this
Is there any work? ‘
The friend said, “No-no,
If you see it right, I will set it on fire. ‘

The mind was sharp, it was twenty-one more than others in studies, but the mind was such that it would not allow even nineteen to reach. Above all, poverty was such that the figure of thirty-six was stuck with happiness. There was a mother and two sisters at home. Father’s shadow left with him two years ago. That 12–13-year-old teenager had to do something as soon as possible to raise peace and convenience for himself and family. The question was, if you feel like, you will get it. He had a friend in the world who was involved in various types of chemical experimentation. She had brought some special coincidence that afternoon with that friend. The friend said, “Come see, do an experiment.” See, it will be fun. ”Kishore replied,“ Except, I do not enjoy chemistry, mix one thing in another, sometimes dry it, sometimes make a batter and then throw it away. Is this any work? ‘
The friend said, “No, no, you see, I will set you on fire.”

Hearing of the fire, the teenager’s ears went up. He began watching the experiment closely. Our old friend put a chemical in the pot, added a little sugar and mixed it. Kishore’s sobriety broke, he said, “You have mixed two things again and nothing happened?” Upon hearing the friend smiled, “You see it.” The friend put another chemistry on that mixture, in a few moments that mixture Started being red. As soon as it became red, it caught fire, it started burning. The friend said, ‘Looked, said no, I will set you on fire!’

Frankly, he was a teenager. Bin matches fire? Just mixing three things? Sugar in potassium chlorate and then sulfuric acid in it. Then fire, plenty of smoke and finally carbon residue. This experiment revolutionized the life of that teenage Linus Pauling (1901–1994). The friend’s experiment gave a finger to science and left the mind at bay. Then the process of chemical experiments started.
Linus Pauling knew that chemistry is amazing and almost magical. Knowing what is possible, perhaps everything is possible. Just keep experimenting and see what is achieved at what stage. Now he wanted to get into higher education and deeper research by completing traditional studies soon. Meanwhile, with the efforts of his mother, he got a job as a mechanist or mechanic. Soon after working wholeheartedly for the family, salary also increased tenfold, but even then the hunger of the chemistry was such that he could not stop himself. The mother explained what is kept in further studies, but Linus was adamant. He left his job and came to university. The skills were so high that from the second year onwards, teaching work started. He taught 40 hours a week or worked in the laboratory and earned $ 100 a month in that period. He was so immersed in chemistry that, at a very young age, he became a strong support for the family. He made many inventions by drowning in many fields, not in any one area of ​​science. There was no one better than him in quantum chemistry, molecular biology and molecular genetics. A child, who did not seem to have any chemistry in mind, became a well-known scientist and professor of the world.

His childhood friend Lloyd A. Jeffress also became a professor, but Linus Pauling was different. He received the Nobel for Chemistry in 1954. He was also awarded the Nobel in 1962 for his peace efforts. He is the only man in the world to have won the Nobel singles twice. He often said, “Facts are like air for scientists, without them you can never fly.” Indeed, his name shone in the girdle while chasing the facts. There was a time when he requested his school to allow him to do special studies along with traditional studies. The school refused, but Linus proceeded to be deprived of the school’s diploma. There came a day when the school realized the mistake. Then Linus had got two or two Nobel. Washington High School politely urged him. When she came to school, all the eyelashes in the school bowed down. Calling Mike, do not complete our course, but take your diploma love to the value of your school. Linus Pauling got a long life, but his passion for science was the one that woke up that afternoon.


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