Milton S Hershey – Milk Chocolate Maker

Milton S Hershey – Milk Chocolate Maker

He has returned empty-handed at the age of 29 with the enthusiasm he went with at the age of 19. Now what should his maternal uncle do to such a young man and his passion? Every time this young man is threatened with a blemish of failure, he only needs a dollar to sink into the business? Here he comes again. It is okay to ignore it. Someone fools once, not again and again. Give it any number of dollars, no matter how much help it can be, it will rob everything and just save your zeal. Mama-Mami would have looked at the sight, then something would have started, but here they clearly said, ‘Look, there is no place here. Go and make some more gold ‘.

The behavior of the maternal uncle was so rude that the youth felt that someone had pushed him from the peak of hope. Neither the mother nor the father had the money in the family, it was the maternal uncle who was the locus of the times. But he also turned his face away. It is night, so they are saying, find someone else. Very hungry, but do not even ask for water. We are pulling out, but do not ask if there is even a dollar in the pocket? Now the roads are deserted with the rising night. The tired stomach is running hungry. Where to go? with whom? Who is it? Then suddenly I remember an old fellow employee. When the first candy shop opened in Philadelphia, the employees were with him, working hard shoulder to shoulder, but after six years of hard work, he drowned. The owners and employees set their own path. The owner went to Denver, then started the candy-caramel industry in Chicago, failing. Then started a candy venture in New York City, where the hard work was washed away.

It was a game of luck perhaps, the desperate young boss knocked on his former employee’s door six years later. The door opened and the employee approached the former boss wholeheartedly. Even after hearing the story of failures, he smilingly explained, “So what happened, who would not have failed?” Do not give up, you will definitely succeed. Do not think alone. I’m with you. ‘

If someone’s heart is full of despair and if one hears his story, then there is great support. The employee gave clothes to replace the owner who was 12 years younger than him. The two were separated six years ago and had thirty-six stories to hear. Luscious food and drink was heard, when he got a good bed to rest, the young master’s spirit returned to his maternal uncle. In all things, the mind decided that what is to be done now is to be done with this old fellow employee here. Usually, the job is missed, so the bitterness between the boss and the employee always settles, but here was another story. The former employee saved him as a guardian, leaving his loved ones to wander on the streets.

It was this night of despair and hope in 1886, after which Milton S. Hershey (1857–1945) never saw failure in life. Fellow-like labyrs, such as William Henry Lebkircher, were born to serve Milton. Even when Milton started his first business, Laby came to work on his own.

After his second meeting with Laby, Josh, a passionate Milton, had ordered a caramel candy making machine to realize his dream of giving the world’s best candy toffee. The machines had reached the door, but there was no money, so Laby spent it and got the machines off. Together, the two comrades started making caramel candy with fresh milk and tasted at people’s tongues. Then came one day, when Milton made the world rich with fabulous milk chocolate.

He became the owner of the largest chocolate company, with the name of his factory settled in Hershey City. Many organizations celebrate Chocolate Day on their birthday on 13 September. Milton always considered Laby his right hand. Milton worked for 15–16 hours, but used to say that Laby is the only person I cannot beat at work. Laby Taumera remained unmarried and treated Milton as a son. The special sweetness of their mutual affection is still enshrined in milk chocolate around the world.


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