Navjot Kaur – My father took the loan and got me treated

Navjot Kaur – My father took the loan and got me treated

A farmer from Navjot Kaur, a resident of Bagaria village in Punjab, is a farmer. This poor farming family has a son and two daughters. His village is in Taran Taran district. The daughter was born first in the family. Papa Sukhchain Singh named him Navjit. There was no custom in the village to celebrate the birth of daughters, so the villagers did not come to congratulate them. But Papa was not blooming.

A few years after Navjit’s birth, the mother again gave birth to a daughter. Relatives and neighbors were disillusioned, then the daughter became Sukhchain’s house. How to bear the burden of two daughters? This time some people came to show sympathy. But Papa, expressing happiness, told everyone that he named the young daughter Navjot. He also said that he wants to make daughters successful people by teaching and writing. The villagers did not like this. Daughters started growing up. He was admitted to the village school. Father started working hard in the fields so that the family’s expenses could be met. Days passed. Meanwhile, the mother became pregnant again. There was a discussion in the village that a daughter should not be born again in Sukhchain’s house. But this time the son was born. The father was happy to have a son, but his focus was on how to make daughters competent. He did not differentiate between sons and daughters.

One day someone told him that nowadays all the girls of the country are earning a name in wrestling, boxing and running. He was very happy to hear this. Meanwhile the sports teacher of the school also suggested that he teach wrestling to his daughter. Navjot started training at the Khalsa Sports School Club. She then studied in class six. Papa had clearly said, must also study with wrestling. He did his early studies at Taran Taran’s Guru Arjun Dev School and later joined DAV College, Amritsar. The interesting thing was that while Sukhchain was proud of his daughter’s wrestling, the villagers were taunting him. Neighbors used to think that wrestling girls become domineering and this is not good for the society. Navjot says- Papa decided to make me and my elder sister a wrestler. In those days the villagers used to laugh at us. They used to taunt father, but we did not listen to anyone. Father always encouraged. It is because of them that I have reached here today.

After playing at the district and state level, his career took a big turn when he got a chance to play in the Asian Junior Championship held in Manila. In this match, he won the gold medal. The same year he received a bronze medal in the World Junior match. In 2011, he won a bronze medal in the senior level match of the Asian Wrestling Championship. His victory was celebrated in the village. My father did not budge when the whole village came to greet him. Now people came to know him by the name of Navjot’s father. Sukhchain says – What can be the greatest happiness for a father by winning the daughter award and returning home! I want him to brighten the name of the country at the Olympic Games.

Navjot got ready for the Commonwealth after the Asian Wrestling Championship. The coach had high expectations from him. They worked hard day and night. He won a bronze medal at the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games. But the joy of victory could not last long. The same year he got a slip disc. He had to stay out of the game for two years due to a back injury. Stayed in the hospital for several months. The biggest problem was, where to get money for treatment? On one side there was pain of the body, on the other side, there was a pity to stay away from sports. But father did not let them lose courage. He took a loan to treat his daughter. Sukhchain says- People take loans for dowry of daughters. I took a loan to make him a player. I do not regret it.

Navjot’s dream of going to the 2016 Rio Olympics was shattered due to injury. Even after being discharged from the hospital, he had to rest at home for a long time. In December last year, she went to the wrestling arena for training again. After three months of training, she entered the Senior Asian Championship match and won a gold, setting a new record. 28-year-old Navjot is the first Indian woman wrestler to win this title. The joy of winning the gold was so much that it was not handled. As soon as the award was announced, she started crying emotionally. Navjot says- I lost courage after being hurt. Was thought that now I will never be able to fight wrestling. But the family encouraged me. Now my goal is to win the Olympic medal


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