Malavath Poorna -Eating was more difficult than climbing Everest

Malavath Poorna -Eating was more difficult than climbing Everest

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She was very happy with the farm-barn life. Sometimes she would go to the fields with her mother, sometimes she would go to fetch water from the well. She enjoys having fun with children. Parents used to have absence. She never went to school herself, but wanted to teach her daughter. He got him enrolled in the residential government school in the village itself. Apart from studying in school, sports were also taught. He started having fun. The training of climbing mountains started at school. He got scared before training, but once started climbing the mountains, he felt as if there were feathers in his legs. She continued to gallop and everyone was surprised. That small victory raised hopes that she became the youngest girl to fly the tricolor on Everest. Poorna Malavath is the name of that little girl from the tribal village of Andhra Pradesh.

Village days

The people of Poorna do not have any ambition. For them, it is as if the bread of June 2 is everything. Working hard throughout the day, then after eating food in the evening and sleeping sure, this was his life. Purna was growing up in some similar environment. Father Devidas Malavath was illiterate, but had a desire in his mind that his daughter Poorna’s life should be kept away from poverty and evil. He would be very happy to see the daughter running in the fields, but prayed that the daughter would not have to work. Devidas, who lives in Nizamabad district of Andhra Pradesh, got his daughter enrolled in a school run by Andhra Pradesh Social Welfare Educational Institution.

School day

After coming to school, Poorna got introduced to a new world. Children used to get nutritious food along with studies here. Soon Poorna got engaged here. Her routine changed after coming to school. There was no full day’s fun here like in the village. Time was fixed for everything. All tasks like reading, playing and eating were done on time. The training to climb the mountain was given to him outside the village in Hyderabad, Dajirling and Ladakh. Poorna initially did not see much interest in it, but she started practicing at the behest of the coach. Training was tough. It was not easy to climb the pointy boulders amid the freezing snow. Had to practice for hours. Initially, Poorna wept several times, then she learned to move with the help of rope and protect herself from the winds of strong winds. Gradually he started having fun.

Everest Fatah

During training, one day something happened that changed everything. Seeing the way Poorna was climbing over difficult obstacles, the coach realized that there is something special in this girl. He was selected to climb Everest. Special training started. He was given tough exercises. He was also trained physically and mentally. Then in April this year, the Everest Fatah campaign started. After a long journey of 52 days, Poorna reached the highest peak in the world. The date was 25 May. Poorna is the youngest girl to climb Everest at just 13 years old. This is a world record. When Purna started climbing Everest, he did not even think that his journey would bring him so much fame. The truth is that at that time he did not know anything about the record or its importance.

Not sure

After hoisting the tricolor on Everest, he was told that he had made a record. After the completion of the mission, Poorna said, ‘I could not believe that I had made a record. When I saw the news and my picture in the newspaper, I was convinced. I never thought that I would be able to do it. It all seems like a dream. ”As if the happiness of Father Devidas and Mother Lakshmi was not there. Poorna attributes her success to her school mentor and trainer, who recognized her talent and encouraged her to move in this direction. Actually, in the school where she studies, there are special things taught to the children, which help them to fight the difficulties of life. Poorna says, ‘My school has some special mantras. Like, I am not less than anyone, I will think big and show something big, I will never give up. All these things taught in school gave me great courage. ‘

Difficult journey

It is not at all that Poorna easily made the treacherous path to Everest. The chilling vibrations, the blazing storm winds, and the tremors of the trail tried hard to frighten her, but she stood firm. Purna says, during the climb, I saw the bodies of six family members on the way, I was afraid, I felt that I would not be able to go forward. Then I remembered those mantras of my school .. I will show something big, I will never give up. Just remembering these mantras, I moved forward. On coming back to her village after conquering Everest, Poorna said the most that she cannot tell the story of her journey in words. Poorna studies in class nine. After conquering Everest summit, it is currently continuing its awards and honors. After this, Poorna will soon go back to school and get involved in studies. She wants to grow up to become a police officer, so that she can become the voice of the suffering people of her village. She wants to give a good life to her laboring parents.


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