Practical Applications of Learning Yoga and Cancer Treatment

Why practice yoga?

Yoga has the effect of revitalizing the mind and body. It can nourish your mind and body and eventually bring you into life full of new vitality. Yoga is good both mentally and physically. It can focus you inward, which in turn encourages a deep sense of relaxation. At the same time, breathing exercises and concentration can make your body softer and more relaxed. It can help certain cancer patients feel tired during cancer treatment. It has an uplifting effect and can nourish your body, mind and spirit. Here are some simple explanations of yoga exercises, you can try them at home. However, most people will benefit from taking a yoga class, especially if they are complete beginners in yoga concepts.

This is a simple example of posture that can help you relieve stress.

Name seal (Anjali mudra)


Physically it can produce flexible arms, wrists and fingers. Mentally, it can calm the mind and reduce stress. The effect of physically completing the circuit between the arm and the heart can coordinate both sides of the brain.

This exercise can be done sitting or standing. Inhale while placing your palms together and place your thumb on the sternum or breastbone. Press both hands at the same time with equal pressure. If you are using your right hand, make sure that your right hand is not using a stronger force. When using your left hand, equalize the pressure so that both hands are pushing with the same pressure. force.

Gently lower your head, then press your thumb to lift your sternum, while hanging your elbows as if they were very heavy. When starting, hold for a few minutes and then hold for five minutes. This exercise is usually used to start a meditation class as it can improve your state of consciousness.

Face-down dog or Adho Mukha Svanasana

Benefits: Strengthens the back and reduces back pain.

Downward dogs have many uses in yoga. It can be used for changing positions and as a resting position, but it can increase the strength of the spine. The goal is to put the feet and hands on the floor and turn the body upside down into a “v” shape. Place your hands on the floor so that your body is in an inverted V shape, your wrists under your shoulders and your knees under your hips. Unfold your palms and turn your toes down. Exhale and lift your knees so that your heels are off the floor and your knees are slightly bent. Pull the bottom of the diaphysis away from the back of the pelvis and gently press towards the pubic bone (this is the lower front part of the hip). This creates a slight resistance and the sit bones are lifted to the ceiling against this resistance. Join the quadriceps, reduce the weight of the arm, and form a static position.

Exhale and push your thighs back, extend your heels toward the floor and place your heels on the floor instead of taking a step forward, then straighten your knees. At first you may not be able to reach the ground, which may take practice and time to lengthen the muscles. Roll the thighs inward slightly and narrow and stiffen the front of the pelvic girdle and roll the thighs. Hold this position for three minutes.


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