Rajalakshmi – Miss Wheelchair World 2017

Rajalakshmi – Miss Wheelchair World 2017

Rajalakshmi's parents were doctors. He had great respect in the area. He had a clinic in a part of the house in Bangalore. There was a long line of patients in the morning and evening. There was no lack of anything in the house. Father wanted his daughter to become a doctor like him. He never disappointed his father in terms of studies. Always topped the class. But before the daughter became a doctor, she passed away. Rajalakshmi was then in the 10th. Father's untimely departure was a big shock for the family. He was not, but his dream was with his daughter. Rajalakshmi resolutely started to realize this dream. Got admission in Dental College after 12th.

She wanted to become a dental surgeon. It was 2007. The result of BDS examination had arrived. Rajalakshmi got good marks in the examination, so she was very happy. Papa's lack of a lot that day. How happy would he have been if he was shy? Meanwhile, he was invited to submit papers at the National Conference in Chennai. He decided to travel by road from Bangalore to Chennai. The journey was long. On the way, the driver of his car got a nap. Suddenly his hand was removed from the steering. Control was impaired and a terrible accident occurred. When he regained consciousness, he found himself in the hospital. Rajalakshmi was then 21 years old.

The doctor said that surgery would have to be done immediately. She remained in the hospital for about six months. With each passing moment, hope began to break. His spine was broken. It was difficult to sit on the bed. Many surgeries were performed, but the bone could not connect. Initially, the doctors kept saying that everything would be fine, then they raised their hands.

Whenever the doctors came, the mother would ask them the same question - when will my daughter be able to stand? Rajalakshmi also used to pray the same every time- Doctor, please correct me. Finally one day the doctor said - now you will never be able to walk again. Hearing this, there was silence for a few moments. Then the doctors started convincing the mother, be patient and take care of the daughter. A few days later he was discharged from the hospital. Those were disappointing days. There were many questions in mind. Will the entire life now pass on a wheelchair? How will you study further? People will call me as bedridden. Rajalakshmi says - sudden life changed. It felt like I am not the girl who was there before the accident. But the family did not let my spirits break.

In spite of physical difficulties, I completed my studies and became a doctor. There were major problems in the beginning. Wherever Rajalakshmi went, people would stare at her. Many even asked questions in a tongue - what happened to this girl? But Rajalakshmi continued to ignore these things. Won Gold Medal in Dental Surgery. Due to being disabled, I could not get a job in a government hospital. But she did not disappoint. He opened his clinic. There were many problems in practice. Rajalakshmi tells- patients often feared seeing me in a wheelchair in the clinic. They thought that how could this Divyang girl be able to treat us?

Apart from studies, he took courses in psychology, fashion design and Vedic yoga. During the course of fashion designing, interest in modeling grew in mind. Meanwhile, she came to know about the Divyang Fashion Competition. In 2014 she won the title of Miss Wheelchair India. After this victory, he was encouraged and elevated. She took part in wheelchair basketball and wheelchair dance. The world was stunned by the confidence of this disabled girl. It was because of this style that she was awarded the title of Bold Women's India. She wanted to roam like ordinary people. She wanted to walk around with scooty or car like ordinary girls. Soon this dream was also fulfilled. He bought a car for the disabled.

Rajalakshmi says- I have a car that does not need a foot to drive. It is very fun to drive a car. Rajalakshmi has traveled to 11 countries on wheelchairs. In 2015 she got the responsibility of organizing the Miss Wheelchair Competition. Initially sponsors were not being found for the event. But he did not give up. Over time, every difficulty became easier. Patients also became convinced that Rajalakshmi is a great doctor.

She also continued to practice with Mordlang. She was awarded the Miss Popular title at the Miss Wheelchair World held in Poland last week. Rajalakshmi says- I think God has given me two beautiful lives in one life. I was living in a wheelchair before one accident and the other. After this incident I felt new strength in myself. I have no connection with God.


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