Rajinikanth – From bus conductor to superstar

Rajinikanth – From bus conductor to superstar

The dark guy who played amateur drama-gimmick in childhood never thought that one day the world would become so crazy about his performance. Childhood passed between poverty and misfortune. During school days, he worked from a porter to a bus conductor to help the family. But it was very difficult for him to hide the passion of the actress from the eyes of the world. One day one of his friends advised him to take acting training from Madras Film Institute. Amidst dilemmas and hesitation, the man stepped into the film world. He feared that a dark-skinned artist like him would not be liked at all. But his performance sparked something like that not only India but crores of people all over the world became his admirers. Today the world knows and appreciates him as Super Star Rajinikanth.

tough day

Rajinikanth was born in Bengaluru city of Karnataka. His childhood name was Shivaji Rao Gaikwad. The father was a police constable. When Rajni was five years old, her mother died. He was the youngest of four siblings. After the mother’s death, the elder brother gave him the love of both mother and father. Rajinikanth himself has said this on several occasions. He considers elder brother as his inspiration. His elder brother got him admitted to the Ramakrishna Math, run by the Ramakrishna Mission. Here they were taught Vedas, culture and history. During this time he became aware of the characters of Mahabharata and Ramayana. Rajni was fast in studies. He also enjoyed cricket and acting on stage. Rajni knew the circumstances of the family. Therefore, at a young age, he started working as a coolie. Many times he used to do freight work before going to school. During school days they also used to do stage plays. He played the roles of Eklavya, Ravana and Duryodhan in many plays.

Popular bus conductor

He obtained a driving license after passing high school. Then he got a job as a conductor in the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation. As a bus conductor, he did not miss to sell tickets and show him his performance while talking to passengers. Within a few days, his style became so popular that people started waiting for him at the bus stop. Everyone wanted to sit in their bus. He became famous very quickly. Then his friend Raj Bahadur advised him to take an acting course. Raj Bahadur was also a bus conductor. Rajni did not have the money for an acting course. The friend somehow arranged the money. After becoming a superstar, Rajinikanth never forgot his old friends. Whenever the opportunity came, he openly praised those people in public forums.

Film world

Rajinikanth enrolled in the Madras Film Institute in 1973. Two years later, his world changed. It is 1975. Rajni was then 25 years old. He was acting in a stage show. Balachander, a well-known film director, was present on the show. He saw Rajni’s performance and advised her to learn Tamil. Rajni accepted his advice. Soon he started speaking good Tamil. Balachander gave him a chance at Apoorva Rangangal. Balachander gave Kamal Haasan his first chance. Rajni’s character in the film was very small, but it was liked. The film received a National Award. Rajni’s film career started from here.

Villain to hero

Rajni was initially cast as the villain in many films, but later became a hero. Today, Rajinikanth is the highest paid film star in Asia after Jackie Chan. Rajni did new experiments in films. In 1978, he acted in 20 films in Tamil, Telugu and Kannada languages. They had different characters in them. He played every character well on the film screen. Their magic in the south was such that the brightness of all the big artists fell in front of them. He received all national and international awards. Rajinikanth is often compared to Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan. But Rajni says, ‘Do not compare me to Amit ji. I am just a king in terms of performance, but he is a great emperor. Amitabh Bachchan is my role model, my mentor. I can’t match them. ‘

Simplicity and humility

Rajni is known for her simplicity and humor. On the film screen, he is definitely seen in make-up and get-up, but outside the screen he lives absolutely simplicity. He is usually seen in simple pajama-kurte at film festivals and award shows. He has lost his hair, but like other artists, he has never accepted a hair transplant or a wig. He often remembers his old days on public forums and does not forget to thank those who helped him through difficult days. Even today people flock to the streets of Chennai to get a glimpse of them. His mere presence is considered a guarantee for the success of the film, but Rajinikanth did not exclaim. He says, “Hey, the media has spread all this. The director contributes to the success of the film. People love me and nothing else. ”Rajinikanth, who grew up in poverty himself, understands the pain of the common people. He has been doing many welfare works for the society, but he does not like to promote those works at all. This is Rajni style.


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