Ralph Lauren – Persistence of not changing your tie

Ralph Lauren – Persistence of not changing your tie

There are many people who dream to put them to sleep, but there are others who do not allow them to sleep. The young Ralph Lauren also had a dream of becoming rich and living a luxurious life. Working in designer clothing shops, life was running fast. Sometimes a clerk, sometimes a salesman, but where do big dreams come from small jobs? One day I decided to start with my own designer clothes. Lauren first designed a tie.

Unlike traditional clothes, a slightly wider tie than usual was made. Some small local stores started selling tie, but there was no satisfaction. It was a big surprise that Bloomingdale, the most famous store in Manhattan, should also sell its tie. Eventually one day the discussion of their tie reached Bloomingdale’s. From there came a call for a 28-year-old young designer. A manager of the city’s most famous store tested the tie and then said, ‘You like your job, but you have to make two changes.’

Lauren thought in mind, what could be two changes in the work that I like? The manager said, “First, you reduce the width of the tie somewhat.” The manager started measuring the width of the tie with fingers.
Lauren asked, “And another change?”

The manager reversed the tie and tried to erase the brand name written on the back, saying, “Here you have to give our brand name.”
Lauren fell into thinking. One, a major feature of my tie will end and my name will also be removed. Yes, of course it is the largest store in the city, there will be a lot of profit from the sale of tie here, I will have a dream come true, but what will happen to my brand? If the goods are not to be sold under the brand name, then what, how much and for how long will they benefit themselves? How will your business grow? I was dying to sell my product to Bloomingdale’s, but there is a proposal to sell it here that the dream will return. After raising his head and checking here and there, Lauren said, ‘I have to sell the goods, I came too, that’s why, but I am not able to accept your changes. If the matter is not frozen, then let it be. I will sell as much as I can sell elsewhere. Gratitude!’

Lauren exits the store with a heavy heart. The mind may be firm, but the mind was restless and the legs were shivering while walking. Is there any big mistake by rejecting the proposal? Should I hand over my luck to someone else? I should have my own luck on my luck. No, I will write my luck myself. I am alive for my dream and I will live my dream only. I will never give up my dream I like my design, if I accept someone else’s design, then what happened to me? No, whatever happens, I will not give up my design. I have got a chance, I have launched my design in the market, I have to trust my design. How do I change myself? I exist in my work. What will happen to my existence if I change my work? If I had to work with someone else, I would have done it, I have taken a risk by launching my brand in the market, now I cannot run away from leaving my brand. I have to trust myself first, whatever changes I want to make in my work, I will do it myself, I will not give this opportunity to others. If I work hard, there will be a lot of opportunities, but the opportunities that do not respect me or my brand, it is good to let them go. The change in your product is not to be stopped at all, but whatever you want to change, you have to do it with your mind and heart.

Forgetting everything, Lauren focused on her product quality and sales. Product buzz started growing. Six months later, Bloomingdale’s got a call again, “Come on, let’s finalize the deal, your demands are approved.” Once the Bloomingdale store found a place, Lauren’s business shone. A variety of clothing and products went on. Ralph Lauren soon got all that he had dreamed of since childhood. There came a time when he became the richest designer in the world. His business spread throughout the world. Lauren still says, “I believed myself. Then if I had changed that tie, I would not be here today. ‘


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