Sahiba Gokcen – First female fighter pilot

Sahiba Gokcen – First female fighter pilot

Revolution happens, the country is free, then all the boys are freed together, but are the girls free as well? Why are girls unheard of in the world? Is everything in the destiny of boys and in the destiny of girls just kitchen, slavery and service to all? And above all the question that what do girls do? The life of the boys increases, but the girls stay the same, as is my stay? In the Turkish city of Bursa, 12-13 year old orphan girl Sabiha used to keep thinking like this. There was a festive atmosphere in the new Republic of Turkey, but Sabiha’s life was in the dark darkness of sorrow. In the Armenia massacre, the mother’s lap was lost, the father was no longer there, so luck struck the orphanage La Patka, where a piece of bread and piece of education from the bailout was destined. Everything in that girl’s life was piece by piece, except for gum. When she would see other children dressed up and go to good schools, her tears would flow. Hopefully! I also went to good school, wore nice clothes, lived in a good place.

Incidentally, at the same time, the founder president of the Republic of Turkey, Mustafa Kamal Pasha Bursa, was there. Where he stayed, Sabiha used to see him from far and wide. Wish to meet. Will the father of the whole country, Mustafa, listen to an orphan, helpless, poor and lonely girl? Many times he would step up, but then stop. Sometimes the burden of fear would increase and sometimes he would hesitantly put fetters on his feet. It went on like this for a few days. Don’t know when, the President will leave for the capital Ankara? There is some scope to get it now, but it may be impossible to see them later. But one day, sabiha got started by ignoring the hesitation and fear, what will happen, will be seen, I should try not to have any further regret in life. She kept on growing, crossing security circles unhindered. He felt that when one walked full of self-confidence, the world would not even stop. He went ahead to greet the President and said, ‘I want to talk to you?’ The President noticed, a little girl wants to say, ‘What’s the matter?’

‘I have come to ask for help You are doing something for everyone, will you help me? I have no one, am an orphan, am poor, but I want to study in boarding school. With courage, I have come to you a lot, do something for me .. ‘The watchers were amazed, where did this girl come from, but she was just looking at the President, then what to see the world? Years later, the person who was listening with grief was being told the girl fearlessly. After hearing the whole thing, the President turned his hand to the head of that orphan and said, “Now you are not an orphan, I am your father from today. Let’s go to the house where this father of yours lives. ”It was this small moment between the orphanage from Rashtrapati Bhavan, which changed the life of Sabiha completely by dusting the hesitation and fear. She was not alone in the Rashtrapati Bhavan, her thirteen sisters and one brother lived together. Everyone was adopted by the President, but the most special among them all came out. Good studies, life was good in good company. When she was 21, the traditional education was nearing completion, the father named Sabiha Gochen. Gochen means sky.

This name filled Sabiha with new energy. The father once took an air force feat. Sabiha became obsessed with becoming a pilot. The father agreed. Then the training of the lone female pilot started in men. While learning, Sabiha became the first female fighter pilot in the world. His record of bombing enemies and returning to success inspires pilots and women around the world. Sabiha’s life still proves that if girls go beyond fear and hesitation, then they become power. Daughters and mothers like Sabiha inspired Mustafa and became the leading country in the world to give women suffrage. Sabiha will always be an example. As soon as he was alive, there was a huge international airport in Istanbul, the capital of Turkey, named: Sabiha Gochen International Airport.


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