Sridhar Vembu – Billionaires prowling the untalented talents

Sridhar Vembu – Billionaires prowling the untalented talents

History recounts the Thanjavur district of Tamil Nadu to the Chola kings who ruled this southern state for hundreds of years, but it is the land of Shridhar Vembu in the 21st century. Sridhar was born in the year 1967 in a very ordinary family of this district. The father was a stenographer in the High Court and the mother a housewife. Neither of them had seen the face of the college, but they continued to collect the encouragement of not letting their inferior gardener status come in the way of providing high education to the children. The eldest of five siblings, Sridhar did his early education in a Tamil medium school, which was run by government grant. Year after year his examination results made parents feel proud and his encouragement strengthened Sridhar. After studying in the same school till the ninth grade, he reached the Jaigopal Garodia National Higher Secondary School in East Tambaram. From there, he passed the 12th examination in 1985.

The realization of the father’s financial capacity, the responsibilities of younger siblings, made Sridhar very mature by the time he reached the 18th stage of his age. He had to do something that would not only make the parents’ dreams and dreams come true, but also shape the future of younger brothers and sisters. After taking his B.Tech degree from IIT, Madras, he reached Princeton University in the US for a PhD in Electrical Engineering.
His interest in economics and political science also grew while studying at Princeton. Sridhar has read many books related to these subjects and learned what is the secret of the success of markets like Japan, Singapore or how they manage themselves. However, after the PhD degree, Sridhar had to rise from where he reached, because there were countless opportunities for people like him to have eyelashes. In 1994, San Diego company Qualcomm gave Sridhar his first chance as a wireless system engineer. In this job he gained deep experience of wireless communication. Sridhar was doing a job, but the entrepreneur living within him used to hit hard. This was the same period when India was moving fast on the path of economic liberalization. The visionary Sridhar recognized the potential of the Indian IT sector.

It was the year of 1996. During the conversation, younger brother Kumar mentioned a plan that suits the entrepreneur within Sridhar and then returned to Chennai after two years saying goodbye to Qualcomm. Together with two younger brothers and some friends, Sridhar started an IT company named ‘Vembu Software’ in a garage in Tambaram on the outskirts of Chennai. He then partnered with Tony Thomas, a veteran of the field and owner of some network management software. But after a few years, Tony split up with the intention of starting a new business. After taking over as CEO, Sridhar made a lot of changes. Not only did he rename Vembu Software as ‘Adventnet’, but instead of contacting customers through Google, he started communicating directly with them. The successes were attained and in May 2009 he again changed the name of his company to ‘Joho Corporation’.

Joho and Sridhar did not look back after that. Joho today has dozens of applications, each in sales, marketing, customer support, accounting and other ancillary areas. About 120 million people and companies in 120 countries of the world are using its products. That too came to a head when CEO Mark Benioff became restless to buy Joho, as Salesforce charged $ 65 from customers for the products they were offering, for only $ 10-12 each. But Sridhar politely turned down Mark’s offer. Many Dhanna request to invest in Seth Sridhar’s company, but instead of taking any capital from outside, they raise capital from more than five thousand colleagues. He is challenging Salesforce, Microsoft, Google Cloud from India itself. However, Joho also has offices in California, Singapore, Japan and China. Since 2005, Sridhar has also been grooming India’s untalented talents through Joho University, School. Sridhar, who has groomed the future of hundreds of poor children so far, was called the ‘smartest unknown Indian entrepreneur’ by Forbes. Billionaire Sridhar belongs to a purely Indian mood. He was rightfully entitled to the Padma Shri, the country gave him this distinction.


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