The Effect Of Yoga On The Body

Yoga means the sense of one’s own consciousness. Meet and experience the fullness of the Supreme Consciousness by developing the powers that are within you. Our sages have enacted a variety of actions in this compound process.

Here we will mainly describe the seats and pranayama described under the Ashtanga Yoga Rules, Asana, Pranayama, Withdrawal, Ideas, Meditation and Burial), and you will also find the descriptions of the six karmas of its associated Hatha Yoga.

All of these actions develop our dormant consciousness. Sleepy (dead) tissues are regenerated and new tissues and cells are formed. Our subtle nerves are activated by the subtle actions of yoga. This allows the blood to flow properly and develop new energy.

Yoga improves blood circulation in a perfect way, and the science of physiology is that the contraction and removal of the body develops its energy and stops the disease.

The process is facilitated by supply. Asan and Pranayama increase the health of the glands and muscles of the body by the action of contraction – contraction, contraction – dissemination and relaxation. The arteries and veins that carry blood also heal. As a result, the pancreas is activated by insulin and other compounds to release the right amount of insulin, which can reduce the risk of diabetes. The health of the whole body depends on the health of the digestive system.

The root cause of all diseases is the disease of the digestive system. Even serious illnesses such as heart disease are known to be caused by diseases of the digestive system. With yoga, the digestive system is completely healed, making the whole body healthier, lighter and healthier.

Yoga can also help prevent serious illnesses such as heart disease. The lungs absorb completely healthy air, which heals the lungs and also relieves breathing, allergies, and so on. Breathing into the lungs also strengthens the heart. Joints help to reduce body fat, reduce body weight, and make the body healthier, healthier and more beautiful. Not only this, with the help of this fat body, yoga is also essential for a healthy body and mind.

Yoga stimulates the senses and the mind, and through the practice of the Ashtanga Yoga, Yam-niyama, the seeker is able to attain enlightenment, ignorance, joy, peace, the Supreme Consciousness of the Divine, and the Supreme Consciousness.

In that sense, it is possible for us to experience yoga, to experience physical, mental, intellectual, and spiritual well-being, and to experience the experience of the full-blown God.

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