Yoga Benefits: Health, Vitality and More

4 Things to Avoid to Maximize Yoga Benefits

If we strive to make progress on the path of yoga, certain things should be avoided. Our progress requires calm and mind, and things that cause discomfort in our mind will hinder our progress. I want to discuss some of the things I should avoid.

1. Read / watch news Most of the news that is provided to us is negative in nature. Newspapers are full of news about economic issues, terrorist attacks, etc. The same goes for TV. When you read a newspaper, more than 50% of the news is bad news. Most of this negative news makes us helpless. Reading newspapers or watching TV news will stir our thoughts and generate negative emotions. I’ve seen people so closely related to news that they can’t fall asleep normally.

Yoga calms our mind. At the same time, performing asanas (yoga postures) with a clear, undisturbed mind will help us focus better and achieve better benefits. To make sure your thoughts are clear, avoid news that has passed at least 3 hours before starting the exercise, especially negative news.

2. Eat Food Before Exercising Avoid eating a lot of food for 3-4 hours of exercise and 1 hour of snacks. If you drink some juice, you can exercise after 30 minutes. Eating something will cause more blood to enter the stomach to digest food. When we perform asanas, blood has to flow from the stomach to the affected muscles or organs, which can cause problems such as indigestion. In addition, because the stomach is not empty, many postures can cause discomfort.

3. Alcohol and cigarettes Whether it is yoga or not yoga, alcohol or tobacco are problematic yoga, but yoga is even more so. When we practice yoga, we can not only improve our health, but when we realize it later, we can also work on a spiritual level. Although alcohol contains mental J, it is a major obstacle to a person’s mental development. It negatively affects the nervous system, annoys us and damages the liver.

In addition, alcohol decreases our awareness of the body and yoga helps increase our awareness. Hence, these two are opposite forces.

Cigarette smoking directly affects the lungs outside the brain. This decreases the oxygen capacity of the lungs. As practice progresses, vital capacity increases, but smoking stunts vital capacity growth. Likewise, when performing breathing exercises (yoga breathing exercises), we must use the strength and strength of the lungs.

However, this does not mean that people who drink or smoke should not practice yoga. As yogis continue to practice, I think practicing yoga can motivate them to quit these habits.

4. Comparison with others When we go to a yoga studio, we will find that there are different types of people who come to practice or take classes. Everyone has varying degrees of flexibility, physical strength, and they can perform asanas. Some people can certainly exceed your stretching ability or perform poses that you only dream of doing on a particular day. You shouldn’t have any negative feelings about this. You just need to improve yourself at the current level. Keep working even when you hit a plateau, suddenly the situation changes. That’s the beauty of yoga.


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